Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Moved to wordpress and such

The blog continues, but at bajan13k.wordpress.com (not sure if that or the "secure" link is canonical), instead of here.

Google has its tentacles in so many orafaces [1] that it can't do anything right anymore [2], but spy on people (email and such like), so I moved to the obvious wordpress address.

End Notes:

  1. [orifice is the actual word, but I was making a pun, saying that they blatantly, in-you-face, invade privacy and professional workflows.
  2. By "cannot do anything right, anymore",  I was talking about changes to YouTube, and some other problems.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Random Notes and Stuff....

My YouTube channel sort of grew a life of its own, and just as Teddy in Persona 4 grew a person within his hollow shell, the Kentaro personality grew from the (albeit virtual) social network that arose from it.

It was not at all expected, because for one, I didn't think you could meet people through YouTube, and for two, I didn't expect to use it for more than old Street Fighter Alpha 3 videos which I copied from VHS. Somehow, I ended up going as far as doing partial LPs of videos with commentary and/or overlay comments.

That was fun, and although I ran low on time and money, and even willpower, I enjoyed doing it for the time, and enjoyed seeing that people can really have fun on the Internet and talk about a subject they enjoy. Especially Atlus games, apparently!

Well, just wanted to say thanks, although I think people tend to more read my LJ or use actual YouTube to communicate.

I will be likely not making any more videos for the year, but I hope to take up the hobby of doing LPs and other videos in the future. It is fun, and hobbies do not really have to be something you can easily explain.

Also, vichudoll (I keep calling her Vi or just V.) has a youtube channel now, although she seems to be sleeping again, if not altogether net-dead.

As for me and my "social media presence", I will make no real effort to maintain it, for a while. Any messages send to here or the LJ, I will reply to, but overall, I got too many faces and too many places, and if anything, I shall delete some of them.

Thanks again, folks, you made it fun.

Even without the flying.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Drone War

Rather than talk about the real-life use of UAWs or "Drones" in battle, there is a flash game called Drone War that I came across [ linked here ]. It doesn't seem to be in active development anymore, but it is a lot easier to learn that, say, StarCraft : Brood War (or Starcraft 2, I expect, but I haven't played SC2 yet and prob. won't for a few years).

...well, that's all for now...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The screw is back but it still does not work. Darn it.

Yeah, I put the PC back together again.

...but it still doesn't work.

I ran out of time to work on it but I also thought at the time, that it'd be better for me to do something else with my time anyhow, and set up something more modern for video capture....

I might make more random talkies about random stuff, but nothing as time-consuming as LPs for a few years.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Um, yeah, it has been a while...

Due to a misplaced screw, and me not wanting to spend any time on it, I haven't done any more LP-like stuff recently.

In theory I could blame some studies that I'm doing, but, that would be a lie (well, an oversimplification and jumping to blaming externals rather than taking responsibility): I have plenty of time but fill most of it with stuff that is of questionable worth.

So I decided to get over that an recenter my life on stuff more useful. Also, I want to do really well in upcoming exams so in the short term at least, I'll be mostly studying.

For a change of pace, I started actually reading "normal" books. You know, non-technical ones. Although I am not sure how normal my selections actually are, since they include a book on exorcism and another one on developing memory.

Well, during the summer I hope to do something even more studious and make some videos of that. As for LPs.... well, the PS4 might change the face of that with the "share" button and all, there is already a bit of a glut, and I hardly ever play games anymore.

It has been fun, I don't regret it, but I do think I'm diversifying my time investment beyond solo gameplay, which never was my main thing (I was into game parties, you know, when people get together in real life and play games).

Everything has its season, I guess.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Blogspot also sucks, but at least my Words Remain (tm)

I tried to post here from Japan, but Blogspot did not belive that anyone in Japan spoke English. It tried to convince me that, just because I was in Japan, all of a sudden I had forgotten how to speak English and converted to Nipponese / Moonspeak / Nihon--- um, Japanaese.

Well, as much as I like the verbalizable programming language that is Japanese (it isn't really a human language, it's a language of autobots... just think about it a bit whilst I stroke my all-spark forges), I can't claim to be fluent in it, esp. not the "written" (more, drawn) forms.

I hope to be someday soon, and to that end, I even bought some PS2 JP region games (and have to now buy a JP region PS2 console or sth, but that is another story all together).

Well, I have studies to do so longer rants will wait until later.

If you want, you can check out the videos on youtube, or the random stuff on tumblr (yeah, I now spam on tumblr) or the Bajan13K facebook page. None of these things are very active now, because everyone is busy, but hopefully by early next year I'll be actively seeking officers to do kool ish with these social network things.

Meanwhile, I'm just thankful for YouTube for re-categorizing use of copyright material into "copyshite matches" (paraphrased) and "mafia assasination attempts" (or "copyright strikes" if you want the humane sounding version). In these days of great evil, we must be thankful for the tender mercies of the Empire....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You know what I like about Megaten Games? Replay Value! Maybe as much as, or more than, CIV 2 . Now, I have never actually played CIV 2 (how exciting can SimCity type games be, for a person who likes Brood War at Slowest? Or Warcraft 2, just because they have REAL-TIME battles which I prefer in SLOW-TIME...).

Anyways, Enough of THAT.

I am doing new videos, but they are all related to the building of my Walls of Neh., which is not something I fully understand yet MENTALLY, so you might have a while of MORE MADNESS before gaming videos resume.

No Worries, though, my FACEBOOK Page will chronicle the old 400+ videos better for you! I hope....